Sandra TopelSandra Topel’s lifelong experience with health and nutrition is fueled by her passions to achieve a healthy holistic lifestyle. Since her teenage years, she believed that looking and feeling great is achieved through a balance of healthy eating, exercise and nutritious skincare regiment.

Sandra’s early experience in owning an exercise studio in New York allowed the opportunity to work with large corporations such as IBM, Pepsico and Savon, as well as, a private trainer in an attempt to provide healthier living for those working in a fast paced environment.

Sandra is a licensed esthetician in Florida, having earned her degree from the Cosmetology Institute of Florida with additional certifications for IMAGE skincare Training Institute.

Sandra learned the importance of a total package approach in taking care of your body from the inside-out. Through her research, she became familiar with the Image product line, that she knows helps provide longevity and healthier looking skin.